Roast Lamb with Banana Croquettes
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Roast Lamb with Banana Croquettes



  1. Remove the superfluous fat from a leg of lamb and score the thin layer of fat on the outer side of the leg diagonally; rub over with salt and pepper; dredge with flour, and set on the rack in the baking pan.
  2. Have the oven very hot at first, to sear over the outside; after 15 minutes reduce the heat and let cook about 2 hours; baste frequently with bacon fat melted in hot water.
  3. Remove to a serving dish; slip a paper frill over the bone, and garnish with parsley and banana croquettes.
  4. Remove the skin and coarse threads from the bananas and trim the pulp of each to a cylinder-shape croquette; coat each with lemon juice to keep from discoloring; then roll in egg and then in sifted bread crumbs; fry in deep fat, and dust with powdered sugar.
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Other Information

Author: Person.Helen Parker Headden, Person.Katherine Newsbury, Organization.Denver Gas and Electric Co

Source: A Book of Hints on the Art of Cooking (1907-01-01)

Category: Meat

Measure: avoirdupois

Ingredient: lamb, salt, pepper, flour, bacon, water, parsley, banana, lemon juice, egg, bread crumb, powdered sugar

Equipment: baking pan, oven

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