Vegetable Chowder
eak_kkk (Pixabay License)

Vegetable Chowder



  1. Cook beans and corn in the water for 10 min.
  2. Slice, parboil, and drain the potatoes.
  3. Try out the salt pork, add onion, and cook till yellow.
  4. Add the potatoes and vegetables to this with the stock and cook till potatoes are soft, then add the milk (scalded) and the seasoning, with crackers if desired.

Other Information

Author: Person.Margaret W Howard

Source: Practical Cookbook (1917-01-01)

Category: Soup, Side

Measure: avoirdupois

Ingredient: bean, corn, potato, water, salt pork, milk, butter, salt, pepper, onion

Equipment: measuring cups, measuring spoons, stove, pot

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