Kjod-Rul (Meat Roll)
Phil_Grey (Pixabay License)

Kjod-Rul (Meat Roll)



  1. Cut to make a roll about seven inches in length.
  2. Season with chopped onion, salt and pepper.
  3. Form into roll and sew with strong cord.
  4. Place roll in boiling water and cook until tender.
  5. Remove from water and place between two plates or flat tins and press until cold.
  6. Use something heavy to press.
  7. Remove string when ready to serve and slice thin.

Other Information

Author: Organization.Coon Prairie Church

Source: Country Coon Prairie Church Preservation Kokk Bok (1986-01-01)

Category: Meat

Measure: avoirdupois

Ingredient: beef, onion, salt, pepper

Equipment: knife, bowl, pot, plates

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