Ice Box Cake
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Ice Box Cake



  1. Boil sugar in water four minutes, then add 3 strips of chocolate cut in small pieces.
  2. Beat this mixture until it melts, and add the beaten egg yolks one at a time and heat for about ten minutes.
  3. Then pour this into the whites.
  4. Line a bread pan with waxed paper, and put a layer of lady fingers that have been split open and cover with about one-fourth of the mixture of chocolate, and do this until all of it is used.
  5. This usually makes about 3 layers.
  6. Stand this in the ice box over night and turn out on a platter when ready to serve and heap up with whipped cream, cut into slices and serve.

Other Information

Author: Person.Alma Rubens Contributor: Organization.Photoplay Magazine, Person.Carolyn van Wyck

Source: Photoplay's Cook Book (1927-01-01)

Category: Dessert

Measure: avoirdupois

Ingredient: sugar, egg, water, ladyfinger, chocolate, whipped cream

Equipment: measuring spoons, knife, egg beater, stove, refrigerator

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