Cucumber Pickles
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Cucumber Pickles



  1. Take 100 small cucumbers and 1 quart of white onions, pare, slice thin, and put in a jar a layer of cucumbers, one of onions and one of salt.
  2. Let stand in press all night; then drain off liquor, cover with vinegar, let stand a few hours, and drain dry.
  3. Make a mixture of mustard seed, black pepper, oil, celery seed and vinegar; mix this compound with cucumbers and onions and cover tightly in a jar.

Other Information

Author: Person.Margaret S Rodney Contributor: Organization.Girls' High and Normal School

Source: Alumnae Cookbook (1891-01-01)

Category: Side

Measure: avoirdupois

Ingredient: cucumber, onion, salt, vinegar, mustard seed, black pepper, oil, celery seed

Equipment: measuring cups, measuring spoons, jar

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