Creole Tomatoes
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Creole Tomatoes



  1. Cut tomatoes in halves crosswise.
  2. Lay cut side up in baking pan and sprinkle with finely chopped onions and also peppers, from which seeds and veins have been removed.
  3. Season highly.
  4. Place a small piece of butter on each tomato.
  5. Pour half cup of water into pan and bake in quick oven until tomatoes are tender.
  6. Melt two tablespoons of butter and brown flour in this.
  7. Add milk, cream and liquor from the baking pan.
  8. Stir until boiling and cook three minutes longer.
  9. Serve tomatoes on squares of toast and pour sauce around them.

Other Information

Author: Person.Edna Murphy Contributor: Organization.Photoplay Magazine, Person.Carolyn van Wyck

Source: Photoplay's Cook Book (1927-01-01)

Category: Side

Measure: avoirdupois

Ingredient: tomato, butter, onion, flour, green pepper, cream, seasoning

Equipment: measuring cups, measuring spoons, knife, oven, stove, baking pan

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