Breast of Veal or Mutton Stuffed
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Breast of Veal or Mutton Stuffed



  1. Shred the smoked beef, chop the suet, lemon-rind, and herbs, mincing all very finely.
  2. Add seasoning to taste, and mix well with the bread-crumbs before wetting with the egg.
  3. Work all together and use.
  4. Cut breast in half and stuff ; or bone, stuff and roll round.
  5. Bake for 1 1/2 hour, basting well.

Other Information

Author: Person.May Henry, Person.Edith B Cohen

Source: The Economical Jewish Cook (1897-01-01)

Category: Meat

Measure: avoirdupois

Ingredient: veal, beef, suet, lemon rind, herb, parsley, salt, mace, bread crumb, egg

Equipment: measuring cups, measuring spoons, oven, knife

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