Bread And Butter Pickles
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Bread And Butter Pickles



  1. Slice cucumbers, onions and peppers.
  2. Pack in ice.
  3. Let stand 3 hours.
  4. Put a heavy weight on top the pickles.
  5. A p late with a weight on top is best.
  6. Drain well and combine with sugar, turmeric, mustard seed, celery seed, cloves, and vinegar.
  7. Mix well.
  8. Pour over pickles and simmer 30 minutes.
  9. Seal in hot jars.

Other Information

Author: Organization.Yorkraft Inc

Source: Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking (1960-01-01)

Category: Sauce

Measure: avoirdupois

Ingredient: cucumber, green pepper, onion, red pepper, salt, sugar, tumeric, mustard seed, clove, celery seed, vinegar

Equipment: measuring cups, measuring spoons, knife, strainer, pot, stove

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