Big Walnut 12 Cake Part 1
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Big Walnut 12 Cake Part 1

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Yield: 4 servings



  1. Dissolve yeast onto lukewarm milk in small bowl, then add sugar and combine.
  2. Cover and let rise in warm place for about 10 minutes.
  3. In big bowl scald milk and add butter.
  4. Cool to lukewarm.
  5. In small bow beat egg yolks and then add sugar, salt and vanilla.
  6. Mix all the ingredients.
  7. In large bowl, sift 3 cups flour.
  8. Pour mixtures of prepared yeast, milk, butter, eggs and sugar into mixing bowl with 3 cups of flour.
  9. Beat with electric mixer until smooth and elastic.
  10. Keep adding remaining flour and mixing with a wood-en spoon.
  11. Place on floured board and knead for about 15 minutes, adding flour as needed, to make non-sticking dough.
  12. Place dough in a lightly bowl and turn to grease top.
  13. Cover with a clean towel and let rise in warm place for about 2 hours until double in bulk.
  14. When dough has doubled, punch it down, again let rise till doubled (45 minutes).
  15. Meanwhile grease a round angel food cake pan.
  16. See part 2 for filling and baking.

Other Information

Author: Organization.Oracle Ace, Person.Matjz & Eva

Source: ACE Cookbook (2013-02-23)

Category: Bread

Measure: avoirdupois

Ingredient: yeast, milk, sugar, butter, egg yolk, salt, vanilla, flour

Equipment: mixer, oven, food processor, measuring spoons, measuring cups, bowl, egg beater, cake pan

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